The possibility that fracking could go ahead in south London should be of concern to all Merton residents.

In order to keep the increase in global warming to less than 2 degrees centigrade, it is essential that 80% of coal, gas and oil reserves remain in the ground. Safer alternatives to fossil fuels exist, and should be developed.  Our aim should be to make UK power production largely carbon free by 2030.  Fracking is hazardous and has already been halted in Scotland, Wales and elsewhere until all risks have been properly assessed.  Any claims that drilling could proceed without local people even being aware of it are, literally, quite incredible.

For these reasons, Friends of the Earth will be supporting the Climate Lobby of Parliament and also opposing proposals to allow fracking to proceed in Lancashire.

Today, Lancashire - tomorrow, on your doorstep?

Auriel Glanville

Co-ordinator of Merton Friends of the Earth