I am somewhat surprised at your correspondent, Mr Barrett, (Selfish individuals in road, June 4) and feel I need to put the record straight after the attack on me and my staff.

Firstly he emailed me on Feb 2 and we replied on the 3rd, and continued to correspond with him throughout February. His concluding email ended thus "I am grateful for your responses, so I do not expect any further replies from you. Thank you again for your patience."

I have sympathy with the view that vehicles should be not be long term parked on the Common and have raised the issue with the Conservators, who also wish to address the issue. Now we need the local council to start a consultation exercise, which they have promised to undertake in September. This was explained to Mr Barrett.

I will always try to serve my constituents diligently and to the best of my ability. I hope Mr Barrett will reflect that his public outburst is not borne out by the facts and how many other bodies would have responded to him within 24 hours!

Stephen Hammond  MP

House of Commons