I have asked the Mayor of London if he would be willing to bring up the issue of electoral reform with his cabinet colleagues in Government. The first past the post voting system has left one in five voters in London without anybody representing their beliefs and values in Parliament. I’m worried that this leads to an increasing number of people feeling excluded by the democratic process and mistrusting politicians.

The Mayor was elected on a different system, which requires the winner to get more than half the vote. The successful candidate has to reach beyond their own supporters to attract the second preference votes of those who prefer another party or candidate. The London Assembly is elected at the same time as the Mayor, using a form of proportional representation that mixes local constituency representatives and those elected on a London-wide basis. As a result, the make-up of the London Assembly properly reflects the levels of support for each party in London, ensuring a diverse range of voices are heard.

I hope the Mayor will take his experience of these systems in London to heart, and join the calls for voting reform for the UK.

Darren Johnson AM

Green Party Member

London Assembly

City Hall