I found this picture of the Wimbledon Boys Club circa 1947/8.

I wonder if your readers can identify any of the boys in the picture. Although all the faces are familiar to me, I cannot put names to any but Ronnie Kingsbury - middle row second from the right and his brother John - bottom row second from the right. I’m at the extreme right of the middle row next to Ron. Any contributory information from your readers would be gladly received.

The clubhouse was a large shed-like structure hidden behind a block flats in Effra Road. The club leader was a gentle but charismatic man whose name I think was Frank Field. He’s at the extreme right of the top row. In the picture Frank, his wife and the club membership are assembled on a raised platform at one end of the clubhouse. This was the " stage" upon which we actually performed a globally-produced, one-act play entitled The Bishops Candlesticks. Fortunately the cast comprised only three characters (any more and we’d have been performing in the garden). I could say that this was the start of my theatrical career!

I cannot stress enough how important a role the youth club movement played in the lives of millions of working-class kids in the years immediately following the upheaval and turmoil of the Second World War. I have been and always will be grateful for the both conscious and sub-conscious influences exerted on me by this hugely significant social element in my early life.

Ted Francis