NHS Merton CCG is committed to ensuring high quality, good value for money services for people experiencing mental health problems. In 2014-15, we invested an additional £990,000 across a range of services – we introduced a new community-based Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) assessment and treatment service, increased access to talking therapies (IAPT) and created a new recovery-focused service for patients experiencing Complex Depression and Anxiety (CDAS).

For 2015-16, Merton CCG will increase our spending on mental health services by 8 per cent compared to last year.  The new investment will build on our 2014-15 mental health commitments by continuing to ensure good access to talking therapies; we are jointly investing in children’s multi-systemic therapy with Merton council; and we are making further investment in community mental health services.

NHS Merton CCG submitted the Crisis Care Concordat action plan for Merton on 30 March, within the set deadline.  The charity Mind have been working with the national Crisis Care Concordat team to review and provide advice on all action plans submitted.

Merton was keen to ensure that our plan reflected the detailed advice provided by Mind – we then refreshed our action plan and the refreshed plan was submitted to the Concordat team on 7 May.

In line with the national Concordat guidance, we will be working closely with key partners, such as Merton council, the Metropolitan police and local groups, to ensure that Merton’s action plan robustly meet the needs of Merton’s residents. 

We invite your readers to review Merton’s action plan online: http://www.crisiscareconcordat.org.uk/areas/merton/

Yours sincerely,

Dr Andrew Murray