On behalf of Merton Green Party we would like to congratulate Stephen Hammond and Siobhan McDonagh for their successful re-election to Parliament, and all the candidates and parties for conducting a fair and decent campaign.

We would also like to thank all those who voted for the Green Party and helped us to achieve our best ever result in Merton, which has given us the encouragement to continue to grow our presence locally and fight for what we believe in.

The election of a majority Conservative government is a huge blow for all of those who, like us, believe in protecting the voiceless and most vulnerable in society, and securing a sustainable future for our planet. In the face of such worrying times, we will do all we can to hold our elected representatives to account at national, city and council level. We encourage all Merton residents, regardless of traditional loyalties, to make contact and help us to create a fair and sustainable future for the borough.

Charles Barraball - 2015 Green Party candidate for Wimbledon

Mason Redding - 2015 Green Party candidate for Mitcham and Morden