Now that Stephen Hammond has been re-elected as MP for Wimbledon, I have two simple expectations of him.

1. Given he voted for the very legislation that created the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) which make the big decisions about our health services and given he claimed in his election material to be supporting St Helier Hospital, I expect him to attend CCG meetings and ask hard questions of the people who will determine the future of our local health services.

2. Stephen Hammond has been wasting taxpayer money by getting chauffeured to Westminster. I expect him to get an Oyster card and travel there by tube. This would be expected of him if he was an employee at a private company who lived in Wimbledon and worked in Westminster. Why should an MP be any different? I realise this would not represent a massive cut to government spending but it would be a significant gesture to demonstrate that he respects our money and does not want to waste it at any level.

He could also use this opportunity to gain an insight into the lives of ordinary citizens, which surely he would find valuable.

Georgia Lewis