Reference the Labour leadership, I am a huge follower of current affairs in particular politics and since the mass resignations yesterday I, like many, have a view on the next leader of the Labour party.

The media is awash with intrigue and rumour, none of which addresses their real problem - the lack of a credible leader. Those I’ve respected in my 54 years are all either retired or dead - Mo Mowlem, John Reid - or tainted by serving in Brown or Blair cabinets and voting in agreement with the many disastrous (for our country) measures adopted that cost the British tax payer billions. To be a leader requires one to have a sharp intellect, be a quick and decisive decision maker devoid of any personal gain as a motive.

As a CEO of any business has a priority to increase shareholder value a prime minister's shareholders are the British electorate. The ability to orate and inspire is a must.

I’m afraid the standard of oration in British public is sadly lacking. Whilst the leaders may well make speeches unscripted they all lack passion and inspiration. Waving hands and changing tones are a useful trick but only when the words match the effort. The Labour party’s great orators are all dead - Michael Foot and Tony Benn.

Speculation is rife and will remain so. The only leader with the intellect and credence to be leader should have had the job 5 years ago but for some gerrymandering between Ed Milliband and the unions. David Milliband should be found a shoe-in by election asap and return from New York. Only then will Labour stand a chance of recovering from the disaster that has been the Brown/Milliband years.

Neil Murphy

London SW20