Wimbledon will today wake up to the same MP it has had for the past 10 years after Conservative MP Stephen Hammond held onto his seat with a landslide victory. 

The count revealed a clear majority for Mr Hammond, who received 25,225 votes.

He had been the favoured candidate to win.

Labour came second, with 12,606 votes for Andrew Judge, who came third in 2010.

Liberal Democrat Shas Sheehan looked resigned as she took third place with 6,129 votes. She came second in 2010.

Green candidate Charles Barraball received 1,986 votes.

He was beaten by UKIP candidate Peter Buklitsch who got 2,476 votes.


Stephen Hammond (Con) 25,225.
Andrew Judge (Lab): 12,606.
Shas Sheehan (Lib Dem): 6,129.
Peter Buklitsch (UKIP): 2,476.
Charles Barraball (Green): 1,986.