An estate agent and his ex-girlfriend pleaded guilty yesterday to forging tenancy applications for properties subsequently turned into cannabis factories and brothels.

Seun Alliu, 34, who was branch manager at Andrews Letting Agency in Morden between 2011 and 2013, pleaded guilty to eight fraud offences while employed there.

The offences included pocketing a letting fee, cashing in a rent deposit and falsifying peoples' incomes to obtain tenancy references.

Some of the properties let fraudulently, which included homes in Arthur Road, Wimbledon and Llanthoney Road in Morden, were subsequently turned into cannabis factories or brothels.

Appearing alongside him at Kingston Crown Court, his former girlfriend Dora Vasas pleaded guilty to seven counts of forging tenants' financial details to obtain references from LetRisks.

Vasas, 29, who has never worked for Andrews Letting Agency, admitted forging tenancy details seven times between 2013 and 2014.

But she denied one charge of stealing a £500 rent deposit in August 2012 and another allegation of pretending to be an agent for Andrews Letting Agency to support a tenancy for a property in Arthur Road.

Alliu, who used to promote music nights at exclusive Wimbledon members’ club Prophecy, also denied five fraud allegations, including:

- Two charges of forging tenants' financial details in The Green, Morden

- Dishonestly renting out a property in The Drive, Morden

- Dishonestly using Andrews Letting Agency VAT numbers to claim £159 in support of an Arthur Road tenancy

- Dishonestly charging lettings fees on behalf of Andrews Letting Agency to support the same Arthur Road tenancy

But he admitted eight offences, including:

- Pocketing a £900 deposit to support a tenancy in Firs Close, Mitcham instead of paying it into Andrew Letting Agency's protection scheme

- Fraudulently cashing in £1,425 from renting out the same property in Firs Close via Gumtree in April 2012 and October 2013

- Conspiring with Vasas five times to forge tenants' annual turnovers and profits in the name of senior accountants to obtain references from LetRisks.

Alliu, now living in The Drive in Hove, was bailed on the condition he does not contact Vasas.

Vasas, whose registered address is Broughton Road, Salford in Milton Keynes, was released on unconditional bail.

They are both due to return to court after the Crown has determined if there will be a trial.