Some important questions that need answers. Did Nick Clegg know about his own government's plans to bulldoze St Helier and Epsom hospitals when he visited St Helier recently? Should he now apologise for telling St Helier staff that the hospital is safe on his watch and their jobs are secure? Did he intend the bulldozers to gather in secret until five minutes past election night? Is he still a member of the inner cabinet with Tier One, Privy Seal, clearance to read all cabinet papers related to all government NHS projects? Is the Pope a Catholic?

Once again the Wimbledon Guardian can be congratulated for its excellent reporting of the latest incompetent cover-up by what used to be called the British Government. Their insidious little project to demolish St Helier and Epsom NHS hospitals and replace them with a nice little privatised earner called the 'Super Hospital' (more accurately the 'Super Killer Hospital') was intended to remain a state secret until after we all got suckered into voting for those comedians on May 7. And special thanks to the former Tory councillor in Lower Morden who has been telling our readers recently that St Helier hospital is safe in Tory hands and I was making it all up.

Let's be clear about this, we were not intended to find out. But the project itself is insane. It will cost literally billions to build something that gigantic. All money that should actually be spent on patient care. They plan to build it in the middle of nowhere. It will be run as a privatised commercial project. So, what happens to all the local people who don't have easy access to transport? Do they just die? Well, obviously they will die. Thousands of people will die while meanwhile a small group of American, Arab and Russian owned companies will get even more rich than they are already. The Tory Party funds will go on growing and the private cartel that will replace the NHS will then be sold off to an American Insurance Corporation. And the only reason we found out about this filth is because an undercover BBC reporter bugged a secret conversation on a train and then ran it on the evening news. So just as well for us all that we still have a free (but under threat) press in the UK.

And what a contrast between the sinister Tories (and their Lib Dem Muppets) and the policies of (hopefully) Labour's future leader, Andy Burnham, Andy has given a categorical assurance to Siobhain McDonagh (who has led three successful campaigns to save St Helier in the past) that he will veto any plans to get rid of St Helier, and require that all the funds that he previously allocated to the hospital's development (at Siobhain's request) now be spent.

Of course, that will only happen if Labour wins the election on May 7. Not a difficult choice to make, really, is it?

Michael Barltrop 

via email