Two articles on page 4 of the latest edition of the Mitcham and Morden Guardian show just how petty and ludicrous officials at the council are (Calls from community to save our lost carnival, Temp role paid more than PM, April 23)

I cannot believe that money from the council`s Contingency Fund has not been used to fund the carnival. It must be peanuts against the waste of money spent on hiring a temporary assistant director of education at £1,000 per day for 3 months.

Were staff currently in senior positions in the department incapable of covering duties performed by the assistant director for just 3 months?

Caroline Holland`s lame excuse does her no favours. This council, like so many others, are having to  cut front line services which will never return.

Wasting something like £120,000 on a temporary member of staff is disgraceful. Mitcham Carnival could do with a proportion of that and the reward would be transparent.

It seems a number of council staff live in cloud cuckoo land and are unaware of reality, especially financial.

Paul Kirsten,

Wandle Road