I could not agree more with the letters in the Wimbledon Guardian (It's an imposition of expensive and ugly wheelie bins, Lack of action in the area, April 23) from David Dean and Guiseppe Fraschini regarding the state of Mitcham’s streets.

I have lived in Mitcham for over 10 years, and have wasted a vast amount of time on telephone calls and emails asking the council to clean up areas close to my home near Mitcham Eastfields Station.   It is a very busy area with hundreds, if not thousands of commuters using that station daily, and should be a priority area for street cleaning.  There is a  private parking area behind numbers 20-26 Tamworth Lane, one of which looks like a mini rubbish tip.

I do occasionally see a street cleaner there,  but the very next day, the area by the fish shop and general  store on Tamworth Lane are strewn with paper and cans, where a minority of the local community drop litter where they stand, because they cannot be bothered to walk a few paces to place them in the bin outside the shop.  There are also two spaces in Acacia Road (an electricity substation and a disused private garage forecourt) that are constantly used for fly tipping and always make the area look like something from a third world country.

I have contacted the council on so very many occasions regarding these, but nothing has ever been done, as they are on ''private land''.  That is really no excuse, they should contact the owners and attempt to get them to clean up. 

I will be bearing this in mind when I cast my vote on 7th May.

C Barnett

Mitcham Eastfields