I read with interest the article called Finders Keepers in the local Guardian (Property, Wimbledon Guardian, April 23). It mentions the fall in private house sales over the last three decades; and in another related article noting the average house price prediction for 2048 estimated to be £3.4 million.

I find it striking that property is seen primarily as a form of investment and a way to make money. We forget that houses are homes to be lived in, not just a means for making profit and fuelling the economy.

This warped view of housing as a way of making profit has unfortunately contributed to the major shortage of homes in Merton and London generally.

Affordable homes are beyond the reach of many because we don't really see this as a priority. Rising house prices are not sustainable - who's going to be able to buy property at £3.4 million or even a third of that? Even well paid professionals are struggling. We also need to learn from past mistakes to avoid creating another major economic crisis.

The recent intensification of new homes in Colliers Wood and elsewhere in the borough will not satisfy the demand for affordable housing, but instead place more pressure on existing infrastructures, many of which are not being expanded to accommodate new residents.

Let's get a grip on this and recognise houses and flats are homes first and foremost.

Chiara Samele

via email