In a little less than a month voters in the Wimbledon constituency will go to the polls to decide who should represent them in Parliament. I hope when they do that they remember back to 2010 when Mr Cameron and the Conservatives made a series of pledges, many of which they have failed to keep.

Fast forward to 2015, and in his recent election material our Conservative candidate Stephen Hammond makes a series of claims, which I hope voters will have the good sense to see through.

Firstly, the claim that they needed austerity to deal with ‘Labour’s mess’ - we should all remember this crisis was mostly caused by failures and excesses in the global banking system, not because the previous government employed more nurses, doctors, police officers and teachers.

One of the Conservative pledges was to eradicate the economic deficit in one term - this they have failed to do, despite deep and savage cuts and regressive measures such as the bedroom tax as well as raising VAT - making the poor and most vulnerable in our country bear the biggest burden.

Mr Hammond goes on to claim that living standards are rising, but we know that record numbers are resorting to food banks and taking multiple jobs on low wages and zero hours to scrape by while fuel prices, housing and transport costs continue to rise uncontrolled.

Mr Cameron promised to protect the NHS but his coalition government has presided over an unnecessary and expensive top-down reorganisation - and now waiting lists and A&E waiting times are again rising under their watch.

In education they promised to improve standards but instead have allowed ‘free schools’ and academies to proliferate and siphon off funding, while employing unqualified teachers and opening in areas where they are not always needed, at the expense of our local schools.

Mr Cameron and Mr Hammond made many other pledges in 2010 and asked us, the voters, to "kick them out" if they failed to deliver. They have failed to deliver and have hurt ordinary working families. Let’s take them at their word- let’s kick them out on May 7th.

Mrs J Blackledge