With the general election fast approaching, I hope the electorate will take the time to reflect before casting their vote on May 7th.

I have been resident in the constituency since 2010 and in that time, I have witnessed the steady decline of this side of the borough compared to neighbouring Wimbledon.

Now five years is a relatively short time compared to some of the residents I speak to when knocking on door across Mitcham and Morden. Many were born here in Merton and on many occasions, residents have expressed their discontent about the lack of action and vision for the area. Our streets are an utter mess, important services spitefully cut for political gain and an MP who fails to challenge her colleagues at Merton Council when inexcusable decisions have been made at the detriment of her own constituents. 

Increasing numbers are feeling ignored and their voice being lost. Not only is this an important time for our country, the same can be said for our constituency with unemployment down 30% since 2010 and investment finally starting to trickle in.

We need a fresh face, a new direction. Someone who can lead Mitcham and Morden to better days with energy and vigour. In reality, there is only one party who can challenge Siobhain McDonagh and that is Paul Holmes and the Conservatives. Paul has demonstrated his desire and commitment to Mitcham and Morden and I hope a new dawn will be upon us come May 8th.

Giuseppe Fraschini

Deputy Chairman - Mitcham and Morden Conservatives