In response to Councillor Neep’s letter regarding Circle Housing Merton Priory’s repairs service, we have committed to sharing the outcomes of the investigation into pricing discrepancies when it is complete. 

Our absolute priority is to ensure all our residents’ homes are in good condition and that the repairs service continues to improve.  We are putting these improvements in place as quickly as possible. This includes increasing the number of surveyors on Merton’s neighbourhoods, introducing weekly estate inspections plus a number of other new ways for residents to reach us more easily, speeding up the process for reporting a repair and getting it done.

These actions, along with the improvements we put in place last year are helping us to make sure all residents get the service that they deserve. Last month we completed 94 per cent of repairs on time, and customer satisfaction with their last repair was 85 per cent. While we still have some way to go to improve customer satisfaction we are confident that more residents will start to see some real improvements in the service very soon.

Deborah Upton

Executive director of governance

Circle Housing