A clairvoyant and medium will be searching for ghoulies and ghosties, and things that go bump in the night, in a spook hunting session at Epsom Playhouse.

The medium is being called in to track down a spirit with a penchant for lime cordial after the levels of the drink mysteriously dropped during the night when there has been no one there to drink it.

Several items from the bar have gone missing or been moved overnight, all blamed on the mystery drinker.

The Playhouse has a reputation for being haunted, with several members of staff reporting feeling a presence close to them while they are working at night.

The bistro and bar, located in cottages knocked-through to form part of the theatre, are reputed to be hot spots for hauntings.

The ghost is supposed to be a former inhabitant of the cottages - which were built in Victorian times - who is apparently seen or felt as it visits a jewellery shop originally located on what is now the Ashley Centre.

Venue manager Trevor Mitchell is a believer, having seen a ghostly violin player at the start of his theatrical career when he was working in Eastbourne.

Taking a pragmatic approach, he said potential trouble from the theatrical management outweighed any problems the shadowy violin player could cause him, so he stayed to finish his chores.

During his time at the Playhouse he has felt a presence around him on several occasions, when he has been alone in the building, but has not yet caught sight of the mystery drinker.

Clairvoyant Val Hood, who will be appearing at The Playhouse later this month, has been asked to look round to see if she can discover who is drinking the cordial.

Mr Mitchell said: "We would love to find out if there is a story here."

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