The victim of a violent burglary said he has been vindicated after four Polish burglars who savagely attacked him were imprisoned today for between 13 and 19 years today.

Paul Kohler, 55, who was left unrecognisable from bruising during the horrific attack, said he wouldn’t glory in the ‘well-deserved’ long jail sentences but he felt he had been vindicated by the sentencing.

VIDEO: Detective inspector Dan O'Sullivan gives his reaction to the sentencing today: 


Today Judge Susan Tapping rejected mitigation statements heard yesterday at Kingston Crown Court where the defendants attempted to blame each other for organising the attack and claimed they were not the ones inflicting the worst violence.

From yesterday: Polish burglars were 'high on drink and drugs' before violent Wimbledon burglary

Wimbledon Times:

Life saver: Eloise Kohler dialled 999

Oskar Pawlowicz, who went on the run after calmly showing police officers into the Kings Road house in Wimbledon, and Dawid Tychon were jailed for 13 years each and will spend 10 years behind bars with three years on licence.

Cage fighter Marius Tomaszewski and Pawel Honc, who frowned and rang his hands when the sentencing was read out, were responsible for the violent attack on innocent Mr Kohler and got 19 years in prison each.

The Judge said they would each serve two thirds of the sentence.

Mr Kohler, head of law at the School of Oriental and African Studies, suffered a fractured eye socket, fracture to his left jaw bone, a broken nose and bruising and has permanent double vision in his left eye after the attack on Monday, August 11 last year.

Wimbledon Times:

Paul Kohler's injuries

24-year-old Eloise Kohler, who is credited with saving her father’s life by dialling 999 from the upstairs bedroom, broke down in tears as the judge robustly delivered the sentences after a two day hearing.

Eloise and boyfriend Geraint joined Eloise’s sisters Saskia and Bethany with their mother and father at Kingston Crown Court today. The fourth Kohler sibling Tamara had not been able to make it.

Yesterday Mr Kohler bravely pleaded for the four thugs in court to tell him why they burst into his home, attacking him and threatening his wife Samantha MacArthur.

Speaking after the sentencing, Mr Kohler said: "I am confident it was the wrong address and a case of mistaken identity.

"The family is strong - we will carry on.

"We have already moved on.

"[In court] I looked at them and I didn’t see any remorse.

"Maybe that will come in time."

He said facing them for the first time since the attack from the witness box was very intimidating and scary but he was glad he had done it.

On the night of the attack, Miss Kohler did not get a proper look at the men as she was barricaded into her bedroom but did so for the first time today. She said: "I think it was a good judgement.

"They seem real now, they are real people that are going to jail for a long time.

"I feel sad for them."

Speaking about the attack, she said she had been watching TV upstairs with boyfriend Geraint when they heard blood-curdling screams from her mother and father downstairs.

She said: "I thought my dad had another heart attack, I heard him screaming.

"It was a scream you won’t forget.

"I knew something was incredibly wrong.

"I went onto the landing and heard mum scream.

"She said ‘go back to your room and call 999.’ "We barricaded the door.

"The police were really quick."

She said she was petrified and crying, and tried to be quiet so the burglars did not hear her while she stayed on the phone to the emergency operator.

"I thought my parents were being murdered," she said. The court heard the four were high on drink and drugs when they burst into Mr Kohler’s home and viciously attacked him, leaving him fearing for his life.

A drug debt meant two of the violent burglars were at the house that night - Pawel Honc owed money to co-defendant Marius Tomaszewski who demanded he pay off the debt by helping him.

Judge Susan Tapping said: "I have seen the appalling pictures of Mr Kohler and they illustrate the savage nature of the attack on him.

"The residual physical disability will mean he cannot forget."

Addressing Honc, who was sat astride Mr Kohler ‘enjoying’ the attack, Judge Tapping said: "The violence is truly appalling as part of a savage attack.

"You are one of the two blaming Tomaszewski for organising it ... if there is any truth in this."

She added the violence was disturbing and gratuitous.

Detective Inspector Dan O'Sullivan who led the investigation has been recommended by the judge for a commendation.

DI O’Sullivan said he would recommend Eloise and Mr Kohler for police commendations for their bravery.


DI O’Sullivan said: "The sentences are great news - it is what was deserved.

"It was meticulous work which has taken my team all over the country.

"It is nice to get recognised." Detective Constable Mike Bunn worked on the case with DI O’Sullivan and was in court for today’s hearing. He said: "This was a horrific attack.

"The burglary squad put in a lot of hard work.

"I hope the sentences bring some closure for the family."