A series of extraordinary videos and photographs of UFOs have been shot in the skies over Wimbledon in recent weeks.

Camilla Noble, 33, of Caroline Road, has been filming and photographing what she believes to be flashing spaceships from her bedroom window for the past month.

UFOs making star formations above Dundonald Recreation Ground in Wimbledon 

She contacted the Wimbledon Guardian this morning about the sightings, and her mother has since confirmed that she witnessed one of the strange occurrences.

The former accounts manager and international relations and development graduate said she has seen them at different times of the day, once walking over the footbridge running from Elm Grove over the rail tracks, and once in a crowd of people close to Wimbledon Station.

To prove that the mysterious lights are not planes, she has studied the flight paths of London airports to show that they don't match the movements of the UFOs.

She also said the lights, movement and lack of sound mean they can't be helicopters or drones.

Miss Noble said : "Sometimes they will appear as fire-flies dots and sometimes as really really bright stars but I have had them appear even brighter and then they stop and pretend to be a star and then they go in another direction and turn back into UFOs with flashing lights."

She said: "I was walking on the footbridge and it appeared quite near, stopped in mid air and went back in the same line from where it just came."

She said they can be red, green, white or light orange.

Miss Noble has lived in Wimbledon for more than a year and has never seen UFOs before.

She said her interest in the extraterrestrial began after watching a documentary four years ago about some Italian aristocrats who allegedly rode on UFOs.

She said the message at the end of 'The Friendship Case' stayed with her, but she was not particularly interested in UFOs until she saw them herself.

She has since pointed them out to her mother and two friends, who also describe seeing them, but she doesn't think everyone can see them.

She said: "If I point them out to someone then that person will see it but I have seen a really big one in the middle of lots of people near Wimbledon Station and no-one saw it.

"I was just standing there gaping."

Wimbledon Times:

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But she says she doesn't think she has been specially chosen by extraterrestrial beings to witness the UFOs.

She said: "For me it’s something very positive and it’s a sign almost that they want people to know that they exist because I get the feeling they really do show you what they want you to see.” 

After posting photos of the sightings on her Youtube channel, Camilla World, an American got in touch and has agreed to send her a telescope camera to improve her footage.

Wimbledon Times:

Star, plane, or UFO? Camilla Noble says there's no other explanation for the bright flashing lights

Her mother, Judith Havis, an independent health professional who lives in Bloomsbury, said she was "amazed" when her daughter invited her round and showed her the UFOs.

She said: "I went to Wimbledon to see because I heard about it and I thought, I'll believe it when I see it.

"I was at the attic window quite high up and that's when I saw the lights and then at the other window. It lit up something above the houses it was quite extraordinary. I have heard about some sightings but to see it is amazing."

Mrs Havis, a Hungarian national, said she doesn't think her daughter has been "chosen" to see the spaceships.

She said: "I don't like mumbo jumbo. As you know, there's lots of sightings everywhere even on the NASA level but there's a huge cover-up going on because they don't want to freak people out."

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