The taxpayer is still shelling out about £80,000 a year to Merton police’s former boss who is facing gross misconduct allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

An investigation into former borough commander Chief Superintendent Darren Williams has been going on for more than 11 months since his suspension from duty in Merton on January 7 this year.

A Freedom of Information request to the Metropolitan Police today revealed he was suspended on full pay, which is between £77,988 and £82,272, depending on how long the individual has been in the role.

Chief Supt Williams’ suspension followed complaints from fellow police employees relating to his conduct, a matter which was under investigation by the Directorate of Professional Standards.

He was replaced as Merton borough commander by Chief Superintendent Stuart Macleod on a temporary basis although it is not believed Chief Supt Williams will ever return to the role.

The FoI response said a Detective Chief Superintendent's yearly salary, excluding applicable allowances, was either £77,988, £80,628 or £82,272, depending on the length of service in that rank.

It added police officers were suspended on full pay in accordance with the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012.

MP Siobhain McDonagh said: "This is not right for the taxpayer and not right for Darren Williams for it to be left so long unresolved.

"It is a huge waste of money plus it must be distressing for him.

"He did a good job when he was in Merton."

The hearing into the allegations is scheduled for mid-January 2015 in central London and will be heard in private.