Campaigners fighting the proposed incinerator in Beddington are 'thankful' after finally being granted full access to the 25 year PFI waste contract ahead of their October 9 judicial review.

Up until today, the Stop the South London Incinerator group (SSLI), as well as opposition councillors, had been restricted to a redacted version of the document as it was deemed both politically and financially sensitive, despite repeated requests to get the full contract.

The ruling was made after lawyers Deighton Pierce Glynn, representing SSLI, successfully applied for a High Court order to once and for all obtain the unedited files.

Green Party campaigner Shasha Khan has been leading the legal battle.

He said: "I am thankful for this.

"We have been attempting to get hold of this contract using the Freedom of Information Act.

"This contract is quite important.

"Arguably, the contract is integrally linked to the granting of planning permission for the South London incinerator.

"Indeed Mr Justice Collins when granting permission for the judicial review observed that the possible conflict of interest for Sutton Council, both the planning authority and waste partner, 'is all too obvious'.

"When making this observation he was of course referring to the fact that the contract had been signed before planning permission had been granted."

The incinerator, lined up to be built on a nature reserve, is part of the South London Waste Partnership's plan to tackle the problem of landfill, and rising landfill taxes.

It would service Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton councils.

Opposition leader Councillor Tim Crowley said Sutton Council had used the fact the partnership was comprised of four councils as the given reason for not letting those outside the ruling party see the full details of the deal.

He said: "The fact that the contract has finally come out is very interesting to me and I will be very interested to see the contents of it as it was something that was kept from opposition members since 2010/11."

A spokesman for Sutton Council, said: “The disclosure of information on request is part of the due legal process. The Judicial Review will look at whether the planning process for the Energy Recovery Facility has been followed correctly. We believe it has and that our decision is sound. We look forward to meeting Mr Khan in court.”

A event to help fund SSLI's legal challenge has been arranged for Sunday September 28 at the Alchemist Restaurant in Croydon.

Tickets are £10. For details visit