We are writing in response to your piece last week: ‘Teacher in Tweet Row’.

We are astonished that an official complaint has been made by Councillor Richard Hilton, and especially that he would liken Mrs Schneider’s tweets to the politics of the BNP.

Trying to suggest that she is in any way racist is ludicrous, as anyone who knows her would testify.

Making ill-founded accusations against their opponents is just UKIP’s attempt to deflect attention away from their own crackpot ideas and suspect agenda, a strategy that they are increasingly adopting both nationally and locally.

This is simple case of bullying, as well as a means to intimidate and gag those who challenge their views. 

It’s bizarre that a member of a party that traditionally rails against a supposed ‘Politically Correct’ culture should be so thin skinned about such comments.

Though on reflection maybe Mrs Schneider has hit upon a raw nerve and revealed their closeted prejudices.

Moreover we have a proud and long tradition of free speech in this country, which anyone has the right to exercise, whatever their profession, so it is appalling that Mrs Schneider has been asked to stop using social media by her employer.

Both the school and the local community should stand up for her right to speak out and these UKIP councillors, who were elected on another party’s mandate, should now resign their seats and put their ‘newfound’ views to the electorate.

Mark and Juliet Blackledge, Morden

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