A charity set up to help people in need is preparing for its first official campaign.

The Admiral Trust, based in Wimbledon, was set up in January 2012 by three business leaders with the aim of providing resources, encouragement to anyone in need.

Founded by Terry Withers, managing director of Admiral Scaffolding, Roy Anklesaria, managing director of the Affordable Services Group, and Zarina Naqvi, of Maxima Associates, the trust is unique in that it is designed to bring people together with specific services to help them "help themselves".

While the trust's remit will be very wide its first campaign, set to launch next year, will focus on helping disabled people get back into employment and take up sport.

A website matching users’ requirements to specific services is currently in development and will launch alongside the campaign next year.

Mr Ankesaria, said: "Initially the trust came about in early 2012 with the intention of helping a lot of causes but the ethos behind the trust was to be an enabler and bring people together with the services they need.

"For example if you were a disabled person looking for specific need we would help put you in touch with people to go to.

"It’s about giving people the opportunity. If a disabled person needed to improve their skills in word or IT we would put them in touch with the right place.

"We are an enabler. While it has the potential to go very far what we really want to do it focus on Merton because that we are based.

"We want it to start locally and for it to grow."

For more information go to the Admiral Trust's website.