An elderly woman shattered her hip after she was knocked down in the street by a boy on a scooter, whose mother then claimed she was probably "just bruised".

Vera Broadbridge, 94, was returning from a shopping trip in Wimbledon on November 24 when she was knocked to the ground by a young boy on a scooter outside Wimbledon Library.

The boy, believed to be around eight years old, was with his mother at the time who has since been criticised for her "uncaring attitude" after walking off with her son, dismissing the pensioner's injuries and refusing to leave her details.

Staff at Wimbledon library instead helped Ms Broadbridge by calling an ambulance.

Ms Broadbridge, who shattered her hip in the fall, is now recovering from undergoing a hip replacement.

June Veacock, a friend of Ms Broadbridge’s, said: "She a 94 year old very spritely lady.

"It wasn't the accident so much but the attitude of the mother.

"All she said to Vera was ‘oh you have probably just bruised it’ and then left.

"She wouldn't wait and rushed off.

"What if that was your mother? "It’s just made us all so angry.

"Not only because its ruined Vera’s Christmas and health, but because of the woman’s uncaring attitude."

The 94-year-old is a long standing and active member of the Trinity United Reform Church in Mansel Road and regularly organises events including this year’s Christmas dinner which she missed today because of her recovery in hospital.