Conservative Councillor David Dean’s attack on me is characterised by his usual disregard for the facts.

Far from seeking to close Wimbledon Library, or reduce it in any way, I have been promoting continuing community investment in this rather beautiful ‘Arts & Crafts’ building with increased and more adaptable floor space for readers.

The old community centre building was closed by arrangement with the Community Association because it was semi-derelict and could no longer be maintained. It will be turned into a temporary car park. Eventually the site will contribute to an improved retail and business district. User groups have relocated to alternative and better community space.

Dundonald Primary School will be expanded by replacing the tired prefab pavilion with far more attractive buildings including new changing and community meeting rooms: together with landscaping this will enhance current sports facilities and improve the appearance of the Recreation Ground.

The school intake will be doubled to allow far more children within walking distance to attend this excellent school. Similarly, I have supported the doubling in capacity of St Mary’s RC and Pelham Primary Schools close to the town centre.

What is true is that I have been ambitious for the town centre and authorised the recent improvements to the public realm between the Library and Queens Road including better quality materials and street furniture, wider pavements, a diagonal pedestrian crossing, improvements to the Station square, ensuring we kept the existing mature trees and that there is sufficient bicycle parking.

Councillor Andrew Judge
Merton Council’s cabinet member for environmental sustainability and regeneration