Further to your story about the Labour Council’s plan to close Wimbledon library, questions must be asked about the integrity of such a policy.

Why do this when according to Merton Council, library usage and satisfaction is sky high? 

Why change anything except using a building that was donated to the public (not the council and its politicians) for a wonderful, varied service that opens up the world to everybody that sets foot in Wimbledon?
It is because the decision maker Labour’s Councillor Andrew Judge wants to change the very fabric of our town. 

Contrary to his party’s anti-toff view, Wimbledon is full of everyday, run of the mill people who live ordinary lives. 

Wimbledon has a solid history that satisfies the residents. Tear up the past and the benefits of it disappear.  

But that might well be part of the dreaded plan; throwing us this awful problem diverts us from investigating and fighting against the rest of his madcap schemes that will harm the economic, cultural and leisure aspects of our wonderful town.

Coun Judge’s unpopular policies include closing the town’s car parks, building on Dundonald Rec and as he has already done, closing the community centre.

When politicians no longer act in the interests of the residents then the people have to use new laws available to protect the jewels in our town. 

It is time to put our parks, playing fields and community buildings into a Trust because our Council cannot be trusted to protect the very things the residents value like the library building.
Residents have created a petition which states: We…object to the proposal by Merton Council to use the Wimbledon Library…site for retail, offices, business and finance, restaurants and cafes, and/or residential developments.

This site was donated for public use as a library 100 years ago, and we support keeping the site as exclusively for library, adult education and community use. We call upon Merton Council to remove the Wimbledon Library / Marlborough Hall site from the Sites and Policies Plan. 

If you want to view the document that covers the library’s demise then you can find it…wait for it…at Wimbledon Library. Please sign the petition at merton.gov.uk. And please join the campaign.

Councillor David Dean
Conservative group