A mischievious fox caused quite a stir at a barbecue last week when it pinched a guest's beloved handmade handbag.

Izzy Lachowicz, 28, fom Colliers Wood, had been having dinner in a friend's garden in Kellino Road, Tooting, on July 9 when the crafty animal appeared from the bushes.

Although shy at first, the fox popped its head out from time to time to keep an eye on the guests' movements and any potential scraps on offer.

But midway through the evening the group went inside the house to get more wine when, unbeknown to the handbag's owner, the furry thief pounced.

When the time came to leave though Miss Lachowicz suddenly realised she could not find the bag, which she had bought during a trip to Thailand last year.

Miss Lachowicz, who works at Absolute Sounds in Raynes Park, said: "I got a bit worried, because my house keys, work keys and bank cards were in it."

Wimbledon Times: The bite mark the fox left on Miss Lachowicz's bag

The bite mark the fox left on Miss Lachowicz's bag

She added: "We searched the house and the garden, but with no luck. I knew it hadn't been stolen so it was a complete mystery.

"I had to stay at my friends' because I was locked out and went to sleep very distressed thinking about changing locks in the house, cancelling all my card etc."

But the next morning after telling her work she was going to be late, Miss Lachowicz decided to check the garden one more time, and there behind the shed were the shredded remnants of her much-loved bag.

She said: "It was quite annoying and I did love that bag but it hasn't changed my mind, I still don't have a problem with foxes at all.

"Fortunately the cheeky little fox didn't manage to work out my Pin number and my bank accounts were not touched."