A sixth Merton councillor has quit the Conservative group and will stand as an independent member.

Councillor Richard Chellew, who represents Wimbledon's Village ward, resigned from Merton Conservatives late last week, but will remain a part member.

It comes after Councillors Richard Hilton and Suzanne Evans quit the Conservative party altogether and defected to UKIP.

Three more Tories, Councillors Rod Scott, Linda Scott and Chris Edge also quit Merton Conservatives and are expected to remain as independent Conservative members.

Councillor Oonagh Moulton, leader of Merton Conservatives, said: "On the night of the annual meeting he abstained from the vote.

"Twenty four hours later Coun Chellew resigned as a member of the group.

"He is potentially going to be sitting as an independent member, but he has said he would support the Conservatives and wants to remain a member of the Conservative party. 

"Exactly what he wants to do is in his domain now."