The All England Tennis club has announced its vision for the future with plans for a new retractable roof for Court 1, additional entrance points and repositioning of courts.

The ambitious plans, drawn up by Grimshaw Architects, were unveiled at a press conference today at the All England Tennis Club grounds in Church Road which include a multi-million pound investment in a fixed, retractable roof over Court 1.

Philip Brook, chairman of the All England Tennis club, said the "complicated" project would involve significant remodelling of the stadium and would not be ready until the 2019 Championships.

He said: "We think it will take at least two years to design and there then follows a period of building.

"Our experience with centre court and the rebuilding of the east site was it took us three years to get through that project.

"In terms of capacity of the court we are understandably taking a look at whether it is possible to increase the capacity of number one court in a modest way.

"We would like to take this opportunity to see if we can get more fans into watch the tennis but we recognise that centre court remains the jewel in Wimbledon’s crown in terms of capacity."

Two new entrances off Church Road have also been outlined as well as additional tree planting along the site boundaries, and a series of additional hospitality and eating areas throughout the site.

‘Henman Hill’ will see its terraces expanded with plans for a symbolic oak tree at its centre to enhance the setting.

The club’s site off Somerset Road will see new indoor tennis courts adjacent to new outdoor clay courts with a pedestrian tunnel planned under Somerset Road from the main site.

Courts 7, 11, and 19 will be repositioned from the southern end of the site to the north allowing for a widening of walk ways around courts 4 through 8 and improved pedestrian flows.

Court 12 will be repositioned to the southern tip of the site and will benefit from new permanent seating with views over centre court.


Philip Brook, chairman of the All England Club, introducing the Wimbledon Master Plan on You Tube. 

Practice courts would be realigned and player's accommodation would also be upgraded.

Mr Brook would not be drawn on the cost of the project, which is expected to run up until 2020, but said it would represent a "significant" investment in grass court tennis, the grounds and players.

A consultation on the club’s master plan will run across the championships and throughout the summer with an ‘aligned’ plan based on feedback expected in the autumn.

The club also announced a staggering £6.5m increase to its total prize fund to a total of £22.5m - an increase of 40 per cent.

This year’s mens and womens champion are set to go home with £1.6m - an increase of 39 per cent on last year.

The grounds capacity at this year's championships will remain unchanged at 38,500 with start times remaining unchanged.