Large lorries are intimidating parents, children and cyclists by choosing to use a narrow short cut, residents have warned.

Sita UK uses large container vehicles to transport waste to its facility in Benedict Wharf, Mitcham, from which vehicles travel down Church Road to the junction with London Road.

Volunteers on behalf of Mitcham Cricket Green and Heritage (MCGCH) said the road has extremely narrow pavements and was barely wide enough for two large vehicles to pass each other – causing some lorries to mount the pavement.

Sandra Vogel, from MCGCH, said: “Cyclists find it very difficult to travel safely along this road if large lorries try to overtake them.

“There is a primary school adjacent to the entrance to the Sita site and both parents and children can find themselves hampered by and intimidated by the Sita traffic.”

The group carried out a traffic survey, in which they found 95 per cent of Sita vehicles were driving down Church Road instead of driving towards Colliers Wood.

On average, a vehicle leaves or enters the site every two minutes.

Rob Heath, manager of Sita UK’s Mitcham site, said: “We are aware residents have some concerns about vehicles leaving our site, which is why we regularly discuss it at the Benedict Wharf community liaison group meetings.

“It is important to note that this road is part of London’s approved HGV route network and is used by HGVs servicing a number of businesses and industry in the area; not just our facility.

“However, as a responsible company, and in recognition of residents’ concerns, we have agreed that when the site is redeveloped next year we will encourage vehicles to turn left out of the site.

“We want to be a good neighbour and take all concerns extremely seriously.”