Animated popgroup Zeamu is the brain child of a mother hoping to create popular, non-sexualised, music for children.

Barbara Bishop, 40, from Cottenham Park Road, Wimbledon created Zeamu Music Ltd last year with two friends after seeing young children singing along to pop tracks which she deemed inappropriate for younger ears.

The mother of three, who has a background in television and psycology, said: "Older children would play this music and I could see firsthand the damage it was having to younger kids.

"They would sing along to it and it was disconcerting because they didn’t know what they were singing about."

After her sister approached her with the idea of creating an animated pop group aimed at four to 12 year olds, Mrs Bishop set about creating Zeamu music, produced by musicians who have worked with the likes of Girls Aloud and Noel Gallagher, but fronted by ten Zeamu characters.

She says: "We wanted to protect the identity of the children who were singing the songs so we designed these little characters.

"It’s children’s music sung by children but there’s nothing remotely childish about it.

"The songs are about feeling alone in the playground, bullying and things that children can relate to.

"It’s fun and its topics that mean something to children."

The debut album is available to buy from the website - visit

Mrs Bishop said: "The tracks are incredibly catchy and not babyish at all.

"It’s original pop music that kids and parents can enjoy together."