Polka Theatre will be turned into fairy tale central from Wednesday as they perform a new multi-sensory reworking of the classic story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The venues adventure theatre space is to be magically transformed with leaves growing up from the floor and a stove glowing quietly in the corner, with lots of different sized houses for children to peer into.

With lots of exciting and familiar smells for audiences to enjoy, from damp leaves in the forest to the aroma of actual porridge being cooked, the show is a treat for all the senses and is particularly suitable for visually impaired children.

There will also be two versions of the show, the standard one for children between three and five and other special performances for toddlers between one and two years-old which will be shorter in length and much more tactile.

The story of course retains the basics of Robert Southey's fantastic tale.

Lost in the woods, tired and hungry, Goldilocks spies an empty cottage where there’s porridge to slurp, chairs to bounce on and beds to doze in.

But when the bears who own the cottage return from the woods, tired and hungry they are left confused by exactly who it is who has been slurping their porridge and bouncing on their chairs?

And who’s that dozing in the bed?

Directed by Polka's own artistic director Jonathan Lloyd, who was also director and composer for 2008s How to Catch a Star.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears, Polka Theatre, The Broadway, October 21 to February 20, various times, £8. Call 020 8543 4888 or visit polkatheatre.com.