The Penclic B2 mouse is yet another step towards the future of technology.

Its attractive, minimalistic design makes it appealing to the eye and certainly catches everyone’s attention.

At 1200 dpi, it is 1.5x more precise than the average mouse which is all well and good provided you can use it. After using it for a few days, I was able fluently use the left button and only the left button.

There are plenty of buttons which can be used to scroll but they are very awkward to click, the scroll wheel is also difficult to operate as it is part of the base as oppose to the actual pencil.

Unlike most wireless mouse which are operated by a wireless USB dongle, the Penclic is operated via Bluetooth, which is good because it doesn’t use up a USB port however not all laptops are Bluetooth compatible, the mouse may well be compatible with PC, Mac and Linux but they need to have Bluetooth.

The pencil alone would make it very practical and easy to take with you, the base however, makes the mouse difficult to take with you as it is fragile, meaning it must be transported in the box it comes in.

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Posturite's Penclic B2 (£80). How it rated:

Design            ****

Comfort         ***

Practicality    *

Value for money  *

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