If we’re going to have to sit in an office for the best part of our working lives, let’s agree that we should at least be comfortable.

So that’s why we put a stand-up desk to the test a couple of weeks ago (not exactly a thumbs up) and now we are giving a fancy mouse a run out.

The Penclic B2 by Posturite (£80) is a pen-like alternative to the computer mouse which claims to make endless clicking and unnecessary cursor movements a thing of the past.

Except in our limited experience - it conked out after not very much usage – it didn’t.

Supposedly its natural working position ‘counteracts problems like repetitive strain injury’ and, in fairness, perhaps it does after time.

You may think that using a pen-like instrument instead of a mouse is more intuitive but it’s not the early 1990s anymore – we’ve all been using mice for years now. Some of us handle a mouse more than a pen.

And you don’t use the Penclic like a pen, anyway. It performs the same function as a mouse, flicking about a screen and clicking. With its pen on a ball-and-socket joint attached to a base, which then moves, it is basically just a mouse on a stick.

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