This is the set-top box that lets you turn your little iOS devices into a big Apple.

I’m slightly restricted in what I can say as I'm reviewing the older third-generation model rather than the more feature-rich and games-capable fourth-generation version, but even the older basic product still has a lot to offer.

Of course being an Apple product means the Apple TV is very stylish. The sleek black plastic box with its smooth rounded edges looks great alongside, on top of or under any telly.

Also as with other Apple gadgets, the box is quick and simple to set up. Once you’ve connected it to your TV using an HDMI cable, plugged it in and then done some initial configuration such as connecting to your wifi and adding your iTunes account, you’re good to go in just a couple of minutes.

Controlling the on-screen interface is easy too using the small and minimalist aluminium remote control.

Wimbledon Times:

In terms of what it can do, the Apple TV allows you to do most but not all the things you can do on your iPhone or iPad, just on a bigger screen.

So you can watch movies and TV shows you’ve previously bought by clicking on the ‘purchased’ tab. You can also buy films and series directly from the iTunes store via Apple TV.

A range of other video-based entertainment apps are built into the 3rd-gen Apple TV, so it’s easy to enjoy Netflix, Now TV, YouTube and many others, although Amazon is a conspicuous if unsurprising absence.

As well as watching you can also listen through the Apple TV by pulling up purchased songs and albums, although I’m not sure why you’d particularly want to listen to music through your TV.

Wimbledon Times:

The main thing this previous iteration of Apple TV can’t be used for is playing games. The best you can do is to mirror games from your phone or tablet on to your TV screen using the AirPlay function (also another useful way of streaming films and shows from your library), but this is of very limited use as it’s hard to play a game if you’re not looking at the touchscreen.

If you want proper games compatibility you’ll need the 4th-gen model with its new app store and much more advanced remote that can be used as a game controller with its touchpad and motion controls.

The newer and more powerful model provides a number of other enhancements, such as the remote also having Siri voice control. These make it an obvious choice if you’re picking up an Apple TV for the first time, although the last-gen model still offers enough to be a decent cheaper alternative (around £60 or less at places such as online marketplace eBay  compared to about £130 for the newer one) if you’re happy with a slightly pared back experience.

Whether old or new, Apple TV will only hold limited appeal if you’ve already got a set-top box or another device on which you can play games, stream media etc such as a PS4. But if you don’t have a multimedia solution in place and you want to stay in the Apple orchard, this TV box is a smart choice.