A leaf just died, I watched it fall,

Flutter to the ground to sprawl

Now faded, etched with insect scar

Pale faded ghost of once proud star.

Yet high on that autumnal bough

New life is born though dormant now,

Dark tight furled buds, each ting thing

Will clothe the trees in green next spring

Yes autumn has arrived and leaves are beginning to rustle down around us. Each species of tree sheds its foliage at different times, the oak being the last

The horse chestnut is among the first and by August it looks a sorry sight as the leaves turn brownish-yellow with dark blotches caused by the larvae of the tiny leaf-mining moth which 'mine' between the cuticles of the leaf and cause it to die before its rightful time

The horse chestnut has suffered for about fifteen years now although few have died as was predicted when the moth first arrived.

 Fortunately the 'conkers' don't seem to be affected and there is a good crop again this year.

Berries of hawthorn ivy and pyracantha and others are ripening now and will provide a bonanza for birds such as redwings, fieldfares, blackbirds and thrushes throughout the early months of winter.