I’m all for helping to promote Independent film makers and particularly when the subject matter is highlighting a serious topic such as human sex trafficking.

The film is produced by a lovely lady called Donna Abraham, a British / Canadian who now resides in West London.


Jason, an American lawyer, is fighting the clock to find victims of a shocking trafficking incident in South East Asia. An abandoned water truck was found in the Thai countryside containing more than 100 trafficked migrants; some 50 died while others disappeared.

His investigation centres on The Pearl, a popular destination for sex tourists, and the place where Jason poses as a john so he can secretly meet with women and girls forced to work as prostitutes.

Certain a young girl known only as Number 18 can be a key witness for his case, Jason must convince 18 to testify against her cut throat pimp. As Jason starts to build a relationship with 18, he sees in her reflections of the young daughters he has left far away at home in the USA.

The riddle to solve the secrets of the abandoned water truck gets more complicated for Jason and his boss Marta when they come under increasing pressure from power brokers in Washington DC who are finalizing a key Asian trade deal.

Donna Abraham has been active in ensuring that women have a voice in the arts. She has worked in North America, Asia and Europe in the corporate marketing sector, client relations and interior design.

Her film and television work has a focus on empowering women.

Donna is on the board of a charity that provides employment for rescued women in Africa and she has been active with various anti-trafficking initiatives.

The film was direccted by Daniel & Matthew Kooman.



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