Dean Holdsworth has added his voice to the growing number of ex-players to support our campaign to get MK Dons to Drop the Dons from their name.

The current Aldershot Town manager played 208 times for Wimbledon in the mid-1990s before playing for them again in 2003 when he was forced to move to Milton Keynes with other contracted players, before they changed the club's name.

And the 43-year-old, labelled by some as a Judas for playing in Milton Keynes, believes now is the perfect time for them to Drop the Dons.

"I think AFC Wimbledon is the real Wimbledon, no matter what anyone thinks," he said.

"In an ideal world, Milton Keynes would not have the Dons name - this is the real Dons and I think they should want to lose it rather than keep it.

"If it gets dropped then fantastic for Wimbledon but this is the real Wimbledon, it doesn't matter what happens.

"Unfortunately, the club was a victim of a franchising and the players under contract at the time were in a no win situation because they were under contract.

"I was there as PFA chairman and didn't want to move to MK Dons, but it was forced upon us, I could not leave the young players I was coaching.

"I have never been a Judas ever, I had to do the right things for those young players.

"I have a lot of love for AFC Wimbledon and I have been following them since they started.

"I have a lot friends here and now they are a league club I want them to push on."

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