One of AFC Wimbledon’s biggest fans has called on MK Dons to ask its fans whether it is time for them to sever their last remaining tie to south-west London and drop the Dons from their name.

Paul Strank, who since 2006 has proudly had a stand named after him at the ground in Kingsmeadow, said MK Dons owner Pete Winkelman should hold a ballot among his supporters.

Mr Strank, 61, said: “Personally I think they should call themselves MK Wanderers because they wandered off to Milton Keynes.

“Dropping the Dons would earn them a lot of respect and I reckon most of their fans wouldn’t be bothered – so why not let them have a say?

“It’s a chance for them to properly start their own history, they’ve nothing to do with Wimbledon anymore.”

Mr Strank also said he would travel to Stadium mk on December 2 to see the true Dons face Milton Keynes for the first time.

He said: “It’s like gladiators going into the lions den – we should be there to support them and that’s what I’ll be doing.

“I’ve been supporting the club since I was 10 and I can tell you there are no Wimbledon fans who now support Milton Keynes – if I’m wrong I’d love to know who these people are.”

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