The chairman of the Wimbledon Independent Supporters Association says they will not be calling for a fans boycott of the historic FA Cup clash between AFC Wimbledon and MK Dons.

Simon Wheeler says WISA will be having talks with the Dons' board later today to discuss the club's overall approach, but whether Dons fans make the trip to Stadium mk will be their own decision.

MK Dons' 6-1 win over Cambridge City last night (Tuesday) emphatically set up the second round clash with the Dons, due to be played on the weekend of December 1.

Wheeler said: "We will not be calling for a boycott of the game, however we are asking supporters to consider the history of their club and make their own decision about going.

"I will not be going for two reasons: one, I do not want to give a penny to a football  club that stole from us, and, two, between 2002 and 2007 I was personally asking people to boycott MK Dons games - I had one Dons fans who had been going to matches for 20 years and he told me would not be going, so I think it would be hypocritical of me."

He added: "The MK Dons do not know who they are, they have a real identity crisis. One minute they are a club for Milton Keynes, then the local paper refers to them as the Dons.

"It is time for them to say 'we have upset a lot of people, what we did was wrong. We will drop the Dons and rebrand ourselves as a Milton Keynes club."