A luxury candle maker who owns a small business in Wimbledon has said she won’t be participating in Black Friday as she can’t sell her products for less than their worth.

Ewa Kwiatkowska, managing director of Eva Candles Ltd, has been creating natural, artisan candles since 2017 and owns a small boutique store in Wimbledon.

She creates a range of handmade luxury soy wax scented candles, each made with organic ingredients, including aromas of lemongrass, black cherry and mojito.

Wimbledon Times:

Unlike many big corporations, Ewa and her business has decided to stay away from the Black Friday deals this year.

She said this is because “it doesn’t make any sense” for her business.

Ewa told the Wimbledon Times: “The last few years we used to increase our black Friday deals, but I’m not offering any massive discounts this year.

“I understand the concept of black Friday- that companies give up on products to focus solely on sales and invest in the marketing activities, but it doesn’t make any sense for me business wise.

“I would rather focus on the quality of my product.”

Eva will be working this Black Friday weekend – but this is because “business is the same as always”.

She added: “Business is the same as always, I’ll be processing online orders on the Friday, then working in the shop Saturday and Sunday.

“Black Friday makes sense for publicity purposes, but we are strong enough with the customers we have made through the years.

“I wouldn’t like to sell our products for less than they are worth, but we are offering free UK shipping until the end of November.”

Eva Candles are authentically handmade - and Ewa says she prides her company on being a great value for money to her loyal customers.

She explained: “We build our relationship on educating customers around a unique experience with each individual, especially more so since the pandemic.

Wimbledon Times:

“I understand big business strategies of selling quickly, but if you get something at a low cost, you don’t appreciate the value of the product.

“We are trying to look for customers who can acknowledge the quality of our products and not value the price.”

Another small business owner in Streatham, Adam de Wolff, reiterated Ewa’s thoughts in the importance of local businesses.

He is the co-owner of local gift shop Indigo Tree.

He said: “Most of our customers are really supportive of the ‘shop local’ concept.

“If you want something branded you go online, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for, we’re the perfect destination for something that will inspire you.”

Black Friday is just around the corner, with thousands of companies across the UK ready to drop the prices of their treasured products.

Big brands are preparing for a weekend of riveting numbers of customers and soaring discounts just in time for Christmas.