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SEO reporter for Newsquest sites across the UK. Meeting audiences where they are by answering questions with content, including urgent breaking news, lifestyle and entertainment coverage, trending sports and more.

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Photo via Netflix shows a scene from The Witcher, filmed across the UK. Here's a list of locations in Cumbria used for the series.
Photo via Netflix newsroom/Netflix/The Witcher.
Photo via Netflix/The Witcher shows a scene from the hit show.
Photo of a music lover listening to a record player. Photo via Natasha Meek/Newsquest.
Waves on the sea front at New Brighton in Merseyside as Storm Barra hit the UK and Ireland with disruptive winds, heavy rain and snow. Photo taken on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 by PA.
Storm Malik will hit parts of the UK. (Canva)
Photo of HSBC via PA.
Tickets for Sigrid go on sale today. (Live Nation)
Photo via BT.
Joe Lycett, pictured. Photo via PA Photo/Channel 4.