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A carpet of bluebells Photo: Donna Zimmer

Our very precious bluebells

Our Wild Things correspondent Eric Brown recommends a trip to see quintessential British spring flowers with therapeutic powers much loved by poets and capable of creating a powerful optical illusion.

Red Admiral Photo: Jim Butler

Wild things: Plants to save our butterflies

Our Wild Things columnist Eric Brown rejoices in the joys of spring, tracks down early butterflies bringing colour and delight to our lives while suggesting some simple measures aimed at halting declines and luring them into gardens.

Rally at Swanscombe Peninsula, photo Richard Bayfield

Wild Things: Eric Brown turns his spotlight on wildlife. This week: a victory for conservationists

The weekly countdown built excitement and anticipation among children. "Five-four-three-two-one," an American-accented voiceover thundered. Trees and buildings rolled aside, a green spacecraft slid smoothly onto its launchpad and we tried to glimpse the wires as a puppet family representing International Rescue battled to save the world from disaster. Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds entertained several generations thanks to frequent repeats.

Blue tits exploring nest boxes, photos by Donna Zimmer

Wild Things: Eric Brown turns his spotlight on wildlife. This week: nestboxes

Our Wild Things columnist Eric Brown turns his spotlight on wildlife, considers the joy it can bring and some challenges it faces. This week he explains how you can help cure a storm-driven housing shortage among birds by supplying garden visitors with rent-free replacement accommodation and breeding opportunities.

More mosquitos are making it through winter

Colours that keep the biters away

Supporters of Charlton Athletic Football Club beware. Likewise followers of Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool. In fact all fans from Accrington to Southampton who parade around in their favourite club’s replica shirts.

A water vole   Photo: James Butler

Wild things: Great news on re-wilding scheme

Somewhere in the corridors of power it seems someone might have taken time out from the quizzes, canapes and cheese and wine parties to heed a plea I made in this column last year.

Little Bunting found on footpath at Upper College Farm Bexley Photo: Bernie Weight

Every area needs an Ian Stewart...

Every naturalist dreams of being first to see scarce wildlife on their local patch whether it is a bird, butterfly or animal. It may even be the first of its type seen in the country, county or borough and whichever it is will guarantee the finder a certain notoriety.

The Birdwatcher's Yearbook 2022 makes a great gift for the nature lover in your life

A yearbook the whole family can enjoy

CHRISTMAS is a time of tradition involving gifts, visiting relatives, bringing trees into houses, singing carols and fattening up on turkey, sausage rolls and mince pies.