By Graham Brown, Berkshire

I read with interest your story about AFC Wimbledon thinking they are going to move back into Plough Lane .

With all due respect, they had their chance. Wimbledon used to be in Plough Lane and left.

They are now set up in Milton Keynes, which is good news; the less football in London the better.

Just because some re-incarnation of this club has risen from the ashes, so to speak, they do not have an automatic right to go back into Plough Lane and ruin a sports ground being happily used by other sports.

But my real issue with all this is that nobody in any of the stories covered has mentioned the most important “other” sport at Wimbledon Stadium, that of stock car racing.

The plan to make the stadium into the ultimate greyhound track did originally call for the retention of the car oval track, and I would like to think that this, despite it not being mentioned in your most recent coverage, is still a part of Mr Taggart’s plans.

We can only hope that AFC Wimbledon’s bid loses out miserably.

At least with Mr Taggart’s plan, we car racing fans (and I’ve been watching stock cars at Wimbledon for more than 40 years) might have a chance.

I have heard Mr Taggart quoted where he says that Wimbledon is the last big-time greyhound track left in the capital; it is also the last stock car track.

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