By Suzanne Davies; Murray Road, Wimbledon Village

I totally agree with Charles Sturge’s letter

Merton Council, who take decisions on our behalf, should listen to residents’ comments. 

I have written to the council before stating that the traffic in Wimbledon has been increasing for many years because it is a popular area; we all have to endure increased traffic in our roads and l am afraid that we have to put up with it or move!

The answer is not to spend vast amounts of money closing roads and pushing traffic to outlying areas, where is the sense in that? 

A council spokesperson stated that as a result of this scheme local children will be able to ‘play out’ in the streets again. How ridiculous. 

Perhaps we can have Murray Road North closed to traffic and then we can all play in the road!

Our residents’ association has not been consulted by the council and l object to being denied access through these local roads.

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