By Tony Burton, Mitcham Cricket Green Community and Heritage

Redevelopment of the Cricketers pub on the historic Mitcham Cricket Green is rearing its head again with proposals for new flats on show at a poorly advertised exhibition in the Vestry Hall.

As the local civic society for this part of Merton we look forward to seeing the detailed plans with interest.

It is disappointing that, despite redevelopment being rejected twice already on the site, Chatsworth Land will be presenting these proposals without prior community input.

We ask all those looking at the scheme to consider the following points:

1. As former common land this site should continue to be predominately for community use and there needs to be clearer evidence justifying loss of the use as a pub.

2. The site should not be considered in isolation from its neighbours - the locally listed Vestry Hall and Fire Station which both have uncertain futures (with the London Fire Brigade recently announcing a move to a new site on London Road and continuing debates about the future management and use of Vestry Hall - the voluntary sector hub for Merton).

3. The design and quality of any new development needs to recognise the significance of this prominent island site at the heart of the conservation area and enhance it in a manner which stands the test of time. It is noticeable that our previous calls have been picked up by the developers who talk of the proposals being of "timeless design" - whether this is achieved is more questionable.

When the last scheme was rejected local councillors described it as one of the most important sites in Merton.

We agree. Cricket Green deserves better.

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