Welcome to those of you that have joined us on Twitter this week, we are now up to almost 1100 followers and I know that many of you are re-tweeting our daily messages so thanks again for that.

As I said to you last week crime is still going down generally across in Merton and I think this is the best possible indication of the strength of the partnership relationships we have developed here.

Burglary is something that is still concerning me.

We have had over 300 burglaries this year and yet on only 39 occasions did someone phone 999 to let us know a burglary was happening.

This means that on only 39 occasions did we have a realistic chance of catching the burglar in your houses. This is something that I know we can improve on.

I have already spoken to some of you about this and how we can get more people to take more interest in their neighbourhoods and call us when they see something not right.

The good news is that one of the local papers has offered us a chance to run a joint campaign with them on this very issue and I will give you more details when I get them.

The other thing with our burglaries is that is almost all cases they could have been prevented.

Windows, doors, side gates and garages have all been left open this week and they are quite simply all the invitation that a burglar needs to enter your home and steal your things.

Please remind people that simple crime prevention tactics are effective.

Myself and other officers have conducted over 65 quality call backs this week where we have phoned and met with victims of crime to hear their impression of the service they received.

On the whole I was very pleased with what I saw and heard and I have passed that back to my officers. However there were a couple of occasions where victims had not been contacted or when we had promised to do something and then didn't.

My view on this is clear.

This is totally unacceptable and if it happens to any of you, please contact me directly and I will deal with the issue personally.

Finally, I just wanted to put in context my comments reported in the media this week about gangs.

I was responding to a local resident who claimed that "every Saturday night, gangs are smashing up McDonald's in Mitcham".

That is simply not true. It is my belief that we must be very careful, about labelling every group of youths as gangs, especially if this is done on racial or cultural basis.

As you know I worked in Peckham for three years and I made reference to my experience of tackling gang issues there.

I totally accept that we have some young people who are involved in gang activity but I do not accept that everyone is.

Of course this is only my view and I would welcome your comments and views on this.

On a different note, the highlight of my week was when I hosted a group of children with disabilities at the police station.

I spent some time with them showing & explaining what we do and what vehicles we use. If any of you know of any small groups of children (or adults) who would like to have a similar visit then please get in touch with my office.

Finally, thank you all for your continuing support.

This is a fantastic borough, with fantastic people who every day go out and improve things for others.

There are so many things that we can do together to continue and grow these relationships and I always look forward to meetings where we discuss how to do this is more detail to make our borough safer.

Many thanks - have a great weekend, for those of you on the multi-faith walk on Sunday, I hope the weather is kind to you.

Detective Chief Superintendent Darren Williams is the borough commander for Merton Police. He joined in January 2012 and wants Wimbledon Guardian readers to contact him with ideas on how to improving policing in our borough.

To put forward a suggestion or a question, email: newsdesk@wimbledonguardian.co.uk and put "Merton police" in the subject line.

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