By Reverend Andrew Wakefield; Hartfield Road, Wimbledon

The story of my parking ticket became much more complicated between my posting my bemusement and your publishing the story (‘Charged for having a permit’, July 5).

Having purchased a convertible for the summer in March, and failing to measure my drive, I discovered the two cars wouldn’t fit, so I applied for a residents’ parking permit in April.

When it arrived I found the bay outside my neighbouring house free, so I left the car there.

On June 25, after 10-11 weeks of not being moved, I received a parking ticket which confused me.

On July 2 I received a genuinely helpful phone call from the parking control department of Merton council.

It transpired I had filled in the permit application for the Hyundai but sent the registration document for the Fiat.

 So what appears to have happened is this: the council didn’t cross reference the form with the log book; I didn’t check I had received the correct permit; traffic wardens didn’t look at the permit to see if it was for the correct car for 10-11 weeks.

Having ticketed the car on June 25 (so it must have been on some system) traffic wardens then didn’t ticket it again for the next week until I was rung by the council and I removed the car from the residents’ bay.

I am prepared to accept I didn’t check the permit but I think the council should accept they didn't check paperwork and wardens didn't check the permit other than once during 10-12 weeks it was in the bay.

If it had happened in first couple of weeks that is one thing, but more than 10 weeks is an excessive period of time for council staff not to notice.

I have duly appealed, after all I may not have checked the ticket but neither did the wardens and it is their job.

So either Merton Council and I share responsibility - can I pay £27.50? Or I may be first and only resident of Merton to complain that my car wasn't given a ticket soon enough.

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