By Councillor Oonagh Moulton, Merton Council shadow education spokeswoman; (Conservative, Wimbledon Park ward)

Labour's approach to whether or not to build a new school in Wimbledon is best described in just one word: shambolic.

For two years, Labour has repeatedly attacked our calls for a new school in Wimbledon, saying it is unnecessary and that it is better to spend the money the previous Conservative administration had earmarked for a new school on expanding existing schools.

Only last week, the cabinet member for education was quoted as saying that he had no plans to build a new school.

Then today we hear of plans leaked to the press that not only are they changing their minds about building a new school, but have identified the Queen’s Road Car park as their preferred site.

Also revealed are their plans to spend taxpayers' money to buy back land, which they had previously sold off as 'surplus to requirements', to expand Singlegate Primary School!

How much longer will they prevaricate? Labour's inability to make clear, decisive decisions is devastating for children who, year after year, are having to travel further and further to school.

Three years ago, Merton Conservatives pledged to build a new primary school. If we were still running the council, we would be opening the doors to the first pupils this September. 

We demand that Labour makes the decision to build a new primary school in the Wimbledon area without further delay.

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